Show, Don’t Tell for Fiction Writers

Show, Don’t Tell. I don’t suppose anyone gets very far into their writing career without hearing those three words. Any developmental editor, any writing tutor, any agent and any commissioning editor at any publishing company will tell you: Don’t TELL people what’s happening or what people are thinking – SHOW them. Great. So why is it that, in a multi-year career as a book doctor and editor working for publishers in the US and the UK, the most frequent problem I come up against when I read a new script is: the author either doesn’t understand what Show, Don’t Tell means or understands what it means but doesn’t know how to do it? And I just asked why this should be but, actually, I know why it happens. It happens because Show, Don’t Tell is difficult. Until someone shows you how.

Show, Don’t Tell is Difficult. Until Somebody Shows You How

And that is what this webinar is about. I’m going to show you how to make Show, Don’t Tell so much part of how you write that you will reach a point where you’d find it difficult to write in any other way. That’s got to be worth $29.99 to any writer who wants to improve. Right?

I’ve taken more books that were unfit for publication and made them saleable than I can count. Doing that has involved all sorts of things that are routine tools of the trade for book doctors. But most of all, what I’ve done to make a book appealing enough that people are prepared to pay money for it is to introduce Show, Don’t Tell.

Finished the Webinar? Want to submit your 4,000 words?

This is an offer only for those who have already watched the webinar. Send me 4,000 words of something you’re working on. For $39.99, I’ll give you pointers on how to convert it to best Show, Don’t Tell practice. Register here, pay the $39.99 by pressing the PayPal button, and email your extract to You should have an acknowledgement within hours and my suggestions – based on many years of experience – inside a week. I’m looking forward to hearing from you. But it’s important that you watch the webinar first, because if you don’t my suggestions will have less value.

4,000 Word Sample

You will receive advice on how to apply best Show, Don’t Tell practice to your 4,000 word extract.


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