My Books

Contemporary fiction written as John Lynch

The Making of Billy McErlane (First published as Zappa’s Mam’s a Slapper)

Billy is born into the family from hell. But love comes in many forms, all of them redemptive. A story of tragedy and love you won’t want to put down A powerful, unrelenting page-turner. Highly recommended Wishing Shelf Awards A wonderful book…Helen Baggott

Darkness Comes

If God made Man in his image, and if man is not the nicest person you ever met, doesn’t that tell us something about God? On the verge of death, Ted Bailey fights for his immortal soul in a trial that looks like a chat show from hell, where the witnesses are people from his past life and people who died centuries before he was born

Sharon Wright: Butterfly       Nobody gives Sharon a chance. Except Sharon
When Sharon woos, she woos as a female mantis might – knowing that, when she’s done, the male may have to die. Only an idiot would fall in love with Sharon. It seems South London isn’t short of idiots

Historical fiction written as RJ Lynch

A Just and Upright Man

First in the James Blakiston Series of historical romance/crime novels. It was short-listed for the Historical Novelist Association’s Indie Prize

Poor Law

Second in the James Blakiston Series of historical romance/crime novels

Police Procedurals written as JJ Sullivan

Drawn to Murder

Once you start killing people, it’s difficult to stop. New names get added to the list. All men, and all sexually interfered with. Why not? That’s what the three men did to Rita. Revenge is sweet.

Death to Order

Before Detective Inspector Susanna David and her team have unravelled the murder of Cedric Bartholomew, others die – and Susanna uncovers a web that entangles not only their local MP but a much wider conspiracy.

Murder Under Surveillance

When undercover cop Jez Walker is shot dead, it appears cut and dried. Arrest the gang he was embedded in and question them until a confession surfaces. It doesn’t work out that way – the closer the Batterton Major Crime Investigation Team looks, the more obvious it is that the gang didn’t kill Walker. So who did? Answering that question means looking at other aspects of Jez’s past. And doing that raises questions they’d rather had stayed unasked.

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