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Save money on How To Make Money As A Freelance Writer

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My latest book, How To Make Money As A Freelance Writer, has been nicely received:

 “In essence, this book is like being taken to the school gate, but not inside. Lynch has put the satchel with all the necessary gear on your back. . .the onus is upon you to get on and act upon it.
— Rosalind Minett

 “There is enough information in this book to set any potential freelancer on their way if they follow the steps outlined.”
— Martin Brown

 That’s exactly what I wanted to write: a book that says,

  • This is what you do
  • This is how you do it
  • This is what can happen if you don’t.

A practical guide for practical people.

There’s a Kindle version and the paperback is carried by Gardner’s in the UK and Ingram Spark everywhere else, so you can get it at your local bookshop – but you can also get the paperback from me at a special price (£5 instead of £7) from now till 21st May. Just go here and enter the code “may offer” at checkout

Freelance Writer For Hire

Writer for Hire John Lynch

Writer for Hire John Lynch

Freelance Writer For Hire

When I retired from my job in international sales, I planned to write full-time. I still do – but it isn’t as simple as that, because the first few months on my own have shown me what I am missing. I’m a gregarious person, and one of the reasons I continued to travel the world for work was that – I thought – I enjoyed meeting new people and solving new challenges. I now know that that was only a partial explanation. It’s not just enjoyment; I need the interplay with other people. And so, as well as continuing to write fiction, I have gone back to something I have done before: freelancing as a writer for hire.

I have a separate website that covers all my freelancing work – find it here.