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My latest book, How To Make Money As A Freelance Writer, has been nicely received:

 “In essence, this book is like being taken to the school gate, but not inside. Lynch has put the satchel with all the necessary gear on your back. . .the onus is upon you to get on and act upon it.
— Rosalind Minett

 “There is enough information in this book to set any potential freelancer on their way if they follow the steps outlined.”
— Martin Brown

 That’s exactly what I wanted to write: a book that says,

  • This is what you do
  • This is how you do it
  • This is what can happen if you don’t.

A practical guide for practical people.

There’s a Kindle version and the paperback is carried by Gardner’s in the UK and Ingram Spark everywhere else, so you can get it at your local bookshop – but you can also get the paperback from me at a special price (£5 instead of £7) from now till 21st May. Just go here and enter the code “may offer” at checkout

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