Massive Book Rant (contains swearing)

JJ Marsh is a great writer (see the Beatrice Stubbs books) and a hell of a critic.



I’ve now destroyed three Kindles by flinging them at the wall. Number of paperbacks taken to recycling – three bags full. I am so tired and weary of reading half-baked bollocks, I want to give up my treasured pleasure of literature and watch Blackadder repeats.

No, you beard-strokers and bespectacled nodders, this is not the ‘Great Unwashed Tsunami’ of self-publishing. It’s far too many shite books by authors whose gaze rests otherwhere than on their readers. It’s self-indulgent crap and it comes from every kind of publishing arsehole.

This week I hurled a Booker Prize nominee out the window. Gave up on a small press manuscript. Spent three hours trying to refine a critique which should simply read: Don’t.

book job

From a reviewer’s perspective, here are the Golden Bloody Rules.

  1. Stand in your readers’ shoes. We don’t know your characters or storyworld as well as you do. Tread that fine line…

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One Comment on “Massive Book Rant (contains swearing)”

  1. Jane Dougherty
    September 14, 2015 at 7:32 am #

    Reblogged too. It’s amazing how refreshing a bit of honest to goodness cursing sounds.

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