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Books you’ll want to read about people you’ll want to spend time with at prices you’ll be happy to pay

There are currently six published books:
A Just and Upright Man, first in the James Blakiston Series of historical romance/crime novels. It was short-listed for the Historical Novelist Association’s Indie Prize and the Wishing Well Awards

Poor Law, second in the James Blakiston Series of historical romance/crime novels

The Making of Billy McErlane Billy is born into the family from hell. But love comes in many forms, all of them redemptive. A story of tragedy and love you won’t want to put down

A powerful, unrelenting page-turner. Highly recommended Wishing Shelf Awards
Sad, uplifting, shocking, funny, hopeful and frustrating. Bookmuse
A wonderful book…Helen Baggott

Darkness Comes, the story of the death (or does he die?) of Ted Bailey, a man who seems to have no redeeming features – and yet…

Sharon Wright: Butterfly. Nobody gives Sharon a chance. Except Sharon
When Sharon woos, she woos as a female mantis might — knowing that, when she’s done, the male may have to die. Only an idiot would fall in love with Sharon. It seems South London isn’t short of idiots


And then there are the police procedurals under the pen name JJ Sullivan:

Drawn to Murder They forgot what they did to her. She didn’t

Death to Order Some lives cost more than others

Murder Under Surveillance An undercover cop is murdered. By the men he was watching? Or someone else entirely?

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  1. Larry Kulchawik
    April 21, 2021 at 7:20 pm #

    John- I have just finished reading The International Sales Handbook. I like that you get right to the point. I would like to recommend it to the marketing manager who read my book- Trade Shows from One Country to the Next.
    Covers 45 countries about differences when planning a trade show abroad. Cultural differences play the strongest role to achieve success selling overseas.
    The theme- There is no right way, there is no wrong way, there is only a different way. Understand and respect what is different and you are on your way to success with international sales. The majority of int’l selling tips are more what not to do vs what to do. I feel that American companies need this info more than any other country. Unfortunately, they tend to feel they know it all after doing one trade show overseas.
    Have a look at my book on Amazon.
    Larry Kulchawik

    • John Lynch
      April 26, 2021 at 7:06 am #

      I will, thank you. For me, the decline in American companies is depressing, because they taught me the essentials in the first place – when I was making my first trips way back in the ’60s, they were always already there, and always ready to learn and adapt. Those days must come again. I grew tired of the managers of US factories saying, “But that’s what we do when we ship to Oklahoma. If it works for them, why won’t it work in Iraq?”

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