Books For YOU

Picture Strip

Books you’ll want to read about people you’ll want to spend time with at prices you’ll be happy to pay

There are currently six published books:
A Just and Upright Man, first in the James Blakiston Series of historical romance/crime novels. It was short-listed for the Historical Novelist Association’s Indie Prize and the Wishing Well Awards

Poor Law, second in the James Blakiston Series of historical romance/crime novels

The Making of Billy McErlane Billy is born into the family from hell. But love comes in many forms, all of them redemptive. A story of tragedy and love you won’t want to put down

A powerful, unrelenting page-turner. Highly recommended Wishing Shelf Awards
Sad, uplifting, shocking, funny, hopeful and frustrating. Bookmuse
A wonderful book…Helen Baggott

Darkness Comes, the story of the death (or does he die?) of Ted Bailey, a man who seems to have no redeeming features – and yet…

Sharon Wright: Butterfly. Nobody gives Sharon a chance. Except Sharon
When Sharon woos, she woos as a female mantis might — knowing that, when she’s done, the male may have to die. Only an idiot would fall in love with Sharon. It seems South London isn’t short of idiots

(Something completely different) The International Sales Handbook.  
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